Kimberly Anne Pelesz, Esq., Kimberly Pelesz New York Law, LLC

“My office was fortunate in having Londina Cruz facilitate the Leadership Game for our team. We are a small office with big goals. Despite being an incredibly open office, some of the office staff were held back from realizing their potential and strengths just due to lack of open communication on what was needed for themselves and truly the overall office. During the Leadership Game staff started to open up, realizing through Ms. Cruz’s encouragement how important it was for them to be heard.  Since having the Leadership Game in our office, staff is much more able to speak up and reach out, becoming proactive as opposed to reactive.  They have all commented since that the game was not only enjoyable, but made them realize how important they are to the team and how important the team has become to them.  If you want your company to grow where everyone realizes they can achieve the goals put in front of them and actually want to achieve these goals for not only themselves, but your company, then you need to have a day for the Leadership Game.  It has been less than a week since, but we as a whole have already put some of the discovered goals and targets into play.  Thank you Londina Cruz, you have made a difference.”

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