Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

The greatest lessons we learn in life are from our losses.

Learning isn’t something that stops when we are handed a diploma. That’s actually when the real learning starts. The important lessons happen after that in the real world and sometimes they sting. Losses will come at you from every direction. How you respond to those losses will determine how successful you will be.

Turning the loss into a win comes from learning

In this course you will learn how to analyze your mistakes and missteps so that you can use them as a launching pad for success:

  1. When You Are Losing, Everything Hurts
  2. Humility – The Spirit of Learning
  3. Reality – The Foundation of Leaning
  4. Responsibility – The First Step of Learning
  5. Improvement – The Focus of Learning
  6. Hope – The Motivation of Learning
  7. Teachability – The Pathway of Learning
  8. Adversity – The Catalyst for Learning
  9. Problems -Opportunities for Learning
  10. Bad Experiences – The Perspective for Learning
  11. Change – The Price of Learning
  12. Maturity – The Value of Learning
  13. Winning Isn’t Everything, But Learning Is

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In order to maintain the integrity of the group and allow for maximum participation, the group size is limited.

Any setback, whether professional or personal, can be turned into a step forward when you possess the right tools and mindset to turn a loss into a gain. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn provides a roadmap for winning by examining the eleven elements that constitute the DNA of learners who succeed in the face of problems, failure, and losses.

a roadmap for winning

You are invited to a mastermind group study of “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn” by John C. Maxwell. This is an in-depth, teleconference-based study that will afford you the opportunity to join forces and mastermind with a unique group of like-minded individuals who are focused on taking results in every area of their lives to a new level.

Having the support and ideas from other focused and driven people allows us to see things differently and to get a new perspective on goals and action plans. You will get access to the weekly calls and training, call recordings, worksheets for each chapter, and much more…

In order to fully appreciate the value of the Mastermind, you will need your own copy of Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn which is not included in your ticket price.  Copies can be purchased from me or on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

Dial-in information will be provided during registration. Calls will be recorded and provided to participants.

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When you always do what you’ve always done,
You’ll always get what you’ve always got.

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