Leadership Game

Looking for a way to unite your team?

Let’s play the Leadership Game!

What You & Your Team Will Experience

Team Building Using a Fun, Engaging Tool

The Leadership Game is a board game that allows everyone to gather around the table. It is the best team-building tool…ever!

Open Sharing and Communication

Every question and discussion card is designed to trigger open, honest feedback.

Leadership Skills assessment

The Game challenges your team members to embrace who they are as leaders.

Stronger Relationships

By the end of the Game, team members will learn to appreciate one another and forge stronger relationships – a winning edge for any business!


Set Up

The Leadership Game brings your team around a conference table at your location and requires minimal wall space for posting simple notes. Everything else is provided. The Leadership Game works for up to 12 people at a time with 6 to 8 players being an optimal number of players.

It takes 2 hours to play.


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